Why I started running again.

 Sometimes I can be a lazy doggie too.


It is very easy for me to come home from a day at work and spend the rest of the evening on the couch or in front of the computer. As years go by I tend to be more energy deficient and I don’t have to be convinced to spend an evening relaxing on the couch. Those who are ultra motivated and full of energy can pass by this post because I will be speaking another language to you.  Most of the time I feel drained physically and emotionally. The only time I felt different is upon completing my first half-marathon. I had motivation and I had energy.
During my last over-sea’s travel I was able to sight see all day and night. I needed less resting breaks. I had endurance.
But that endurance and energy is now lost again and I fight my mind in a battle of exercise versus the couch again.
So I signed up for another half-marathon this fall. I have a new goal. I have something to work toward again.
I hope my energy and endurance return as well.
But don’t get me wrong, I still do not like running. However I realize that I need running. It is becoming essential for my health and mental well being. So I push on…..

Upcoming races

Watermelon 5Knot signed up yet 

Miracle Miles 15k & 5k- not signed up yet

Disney Wine and Dine half marathonSigned up!

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