Breweries in Bruges

While in Bruges I was able to stop by a couple of breweries.

Bourgogne de Flanders

The brewers throughout the ages

Got to try some wort…it wasn’t the best tasting
Brewer talking to us about the beer making process

I already tried their flagship beer before the tour so I didn’t feel like getting a flight so ended up getting lambic to finish my visit.

The second brewery I visited was Halve Maan Brewery (no tour).

For my first beer I tried the Seasonal Wild Ale. It was very good but very strong. I would have gotten another one but I wanted to be able to walk back to the train.

I also tried one of their flagship beers the Blond. It was sessionable at 6% (ok maybe not but it felt like it was).

I ordered some beef stew (local classic) to help soak up the alcohol just before the kitchen closed.

I was done after 2 breweries. Belgium beers are no joke and I don’t have the drinking endurance to try more for the day. It is back to the train for me and back to my quiet Gent.


Although this is my first time to Brugge (Bruges) I am no stranger to this city. My mother was married to a man from Brugge for many years so I got to know it through him and the many beers my mom enjoyed from the area.

They divorced before I ever had a chance to visit and it just seemed weird to go after that. I decided since I was “in the area” that it was time to visit.

It is a very pretty town but very busy with day trippers (like me).

I very much preferred my quieter Gent as my base for my couple days in Belgium.

I finally tried one of those waffle things.

This marzipan also caught my eye so I picked a little bag.

Eating in Ghent

I loved Ghent. It is a cute picturesque town with all the charm of Brugge but only half of the crowds.

What I didn’t love for the most part was the food in Ghent.

For my first meal I went straight for the mussels and they were surprisingly underwhelming.

While forcing myself to eat average mussels I noticed everyone ordering ribs. Thinking it is probably a popular thing I decided to later look into it. Later on I happened to walked by this rib place that looked like it was popular.


So I returned and got those ribs and they were very good.

And that potato, I don’t normally love baked potatoes but there was something magical about that curry butter.

I might have stepped into a tourist trap but I walked out happy.

Did I mention it was all you can eat? Unfortunately I couldn’t finish my first serving since ribs tend to be filling.

So I had one good meal and you can’t go wrong with beer though. They do have so good Belgium beers all over. I’ve heard beers can be a meal replacement?