Final Amsterdam Day

Some photos from my final full day in Amsterdam.

I went to a Van Gogh museum and all I got a picture of is some beer bottles and some fake sunflowers. Note: This museum is mostly about his life. Don’t get me wrong there is original artwork but there are 5 of those famous sunflower paintings and this museum only holds one?

Me, taking a picture with something that is not by Van Gogh.

Cool door

Boats, brown cafes and NDSM

After my visit to Rijksmuseum I went on a scheduled boat tour with Those Dam Boat Guys.

TDBG is a tour of the Amsterdam canals in a more casual way. They encourage you to have “supplies” with you (whatever that may be) to relax. It is as educational as you want it to be. Our particular tour guide told us some general things but kept it light.

It was a beautiful day so we really just took in the views.

Our boat guide recommended a brown cafe right by where our boat tour ended so I decided to check it out.

Brown Cafes are historic Dutch pubs that get their name from the brown color inside (said to be a result of years of smoke).

After a long day of sightseeing in Amsterdam I decided to see some local flair. I took a boat ride out to the NDSM. NDSM is a former shipyard turned hip spot.