Eating in Ghent

I loved Ghent. It is a cute picturesque town with all the charm of Brugge but only half of the crowds.

What I didn’t love for the most part was the food in Ghent.

For my first meal I went straight for the mussels and they were surprisingly underwhelming.

While forcing myself to eat average mussels I noticed everyone ordering ribs. Thinking it is probably a popular thing I decided to later look into it. Later on I happened to walked by this rib place that looked like it was popular.


So I returned and got those ribs and they were very good.

And that potato, I don’t normally love baked potatoes but there was something magical about that curry butter.

I might have stepped into a tourist trap but I walked out happy.

Did I mention it was all you can eat? Unfortunately I couldn’t finish my first serving since ribs tend to be filling.

So I had one good meal and you can’t go wrong with beer though. They do have so good Belgium beers all over. I’ve heard beers can be a meal replacement?