Pictures of Square Foot Garden 1

I just ordered our second square foot garden box for an early start for fall crops. In celebration of that, I am posting the current photo of garden number one.

Upper Left Corner – 2 tomato plants
Upper Center Right – 1 big unidentified squash (suspect it is spaghetti or butternut)
Bottom left – Yellow squash
Center – Carrots, Onions, Beans, and a hidden tomato
Side Right – Okra
Bottom Right Corner – Extremely small pepper
Bottom Right Center – Extremely small eggplant

On a unrelated note, I am still mourning the loss of this lovely borage plant. A few years ago, I did some reading on gardening and ordered borage seeds. I never really used them. When we moved into our new home, I couldn’t remember why I had them but decided to start one from seed anyway. It produced this lovely purple flowering plant. I did some more reading a few weeks ago and realized why I ordered them. They are a great companion plant for tomatoes and squashes. They help keep bad bugs out of the garden. Upon realizing this, I tried transplanting it next to the tomato. They don’t like to be transplanted. It died 😦 I have recently planted new seeds around the tomatoes and hoping these lovely flowers soon return.

I have garden envy

I have garden envy. Everyone else I know who is gardening is actually growing food but I have yet to see any. When I hear stories and see pictures of my friends’ bounty, I get jealous. I know I should be patient. Things are actually progressing quite nicely in my own garden. I haven’t killed a plant in over two weeks and many are on their way to producing food. I should see a squash in the next week or so (I had to hand pollinate one this morning after finally seeing a female blossom). Tomatoes should start blooming any day now. The beans are almost ready to burst. Patience is a virtue that I must work on. However, I am definitely getting a head start on my fall harvest so maybe I will be the recipient of garden envy. 🙂

Tomato Herb Planter

Last Saturday we purchased a cherry tomato plant at the Winter Park Farmers market. This purchase led into the ideal of creating a mix herb pot. I had plenty of mini herb plants started from seeds so it seemed like a great idea for a porch plant. The 9 side holes have a mix of marjoram, dill, parsley, cilantro, oregano, sage, and basil. The cherry tomato is planted in the top hole. We are excited about seeing this planter grow.

What’s Living and What’s Dying?

We have no food yet but here is the gardening status.

What is thriving in the Garden:

Juliet Hybrid Tomato

Random squash (might be butternut or acorn – it was grown from seeds thrown in the yard)

Beans (They are feeding bugs right now – hopefully soon they will feed us)


yellow squash
zucchini squash
Seminole Pumpkin (In container)
Sweet Potato (In container)

What is on life support:
1 Juliet Hybrid Tomato
1 Cherry Tomato
1 Pepper

What has died:
1 Pepper
2 Cherry Tomatoes
Various seeds that never grew

Here is a group photos of things started from seeds that I have no idea what to do with.