Eithiopian Spicy Lentils

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Around a week ago I decided to go on a slow carb diet. Basically for 6 days you eat beans, meat, and veggies and avoid dairy, breads, and grains. And on the 7th day, you cheat, you can eat anything you want. I needed to make large batches of things that I could eat throughout the week so I would not be tempted to fall off the wagon. I took out a recipe for Ethiopian Spiced Lentils that I used in the past and enjoyed. I made my own modifications below:

  • Used pretty much all the spices mentioned in the recipe but not necessarily in those amounts. I took the approach add seasoning, taste, add more seasoning.
  • I omitted the red wine vinegar (mostly because I thought at the time it wasn’t allowed on the diet – still not sure if it is)
  • I soaked the lentils over night before cooking. Technically you don’t have to soak lentils but it is always helpful to release gases in the beans/legumes.
  • I sauteed carrots along with the onions and garlic.
  • I always end up cooking things longer than recipes say. I tend to cook at slightly lower temperatures than they recommend. This was probably simmered an additional 5-10 minutes.
  • I ate the dish without rice.

What I would change about how I prepared this dish:

  • Either omit the peas altogether or cook them with the lentils so they are mushy. I am not a big fan of sweet peas. I would rather know that they are not even there.
  • I would cook the carrots with the lentils so they are also mushy. It was distracting to have crunchy carrots in what was essentially a mushy dish.
  • Make it slightly less spicy hot – a little less red pepper.

Photo Challenge: Day 21 -Tilt Shift Photography

Tilt Shift photography is where a city scene picture is edited to look like a miniature city. Different things are done within photoshop to give an existing photo that fake look. I found a link at some point a few months ago that gave a tutorial on it and I decided to attempt it for myself. While I cannot find the original link I used, I have included the following which does the same.

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From Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge: Day 20 – Age Progression

My photo challenge has turned into whenever I have a chance to post challenge. At least I am occasionally learning some new skills.
Last week was my co-workers 40th birthday. We decided as a team to torture him by wrapping everything in his desk in black, putting some Grecian hair formula on his desk, and a couple other miscellaneous things. We decided it would be neat to take a photo of him and have it age progressed to make him look old. There are software programs out there to do that but I decided this would be a good time to brush up on my Photoshop skills. I obtained a photo off our network drive at work and did my own touching up. Below is the result.

From Photo Challenge


From Photo Challenge

I used this link and pictures of an older Pierce Bronsan for inspiration.