What I have learned from running

My first half-marathon is a little over a week away. Everytime I run I get little tidbits of information in my head that I wish others would have shared with me; I feel the excessive need to share it with others. So here you go.

The first time I tried running with music it didn’t work. It wasn’t until I became a runner that music helped me run. It clears the chatter in my head that tells me to quit.

I never thought I would get this far, nor did I ever want to; but I am here and it feels great.

Most discomfort felt when running is actually just discomfort and not actual pain. To succeed you must push through it. You should listen to signs for severe discomfort but most of the time it is just part of running.

The first few miles will be the hardest. It wasn’t until I was reaching my long runs of 8-10 miles did I actually run most of it. There was much less walking at that point and more true running.

For the first time in a long time I don’t feel like a quitter. I am pretty much at my goal and it feels great.

Running does not make you lose weight alone. First you have to run frequently and many miles. Second you must consume less calories at the same time (but not so much that you are under-fueled). You cannot splurge and expect running to save you.