Old Florida

This past Saturday I was invited boating with my friend Shelby and my softball team at Shelby’s parents house in Tavares. I was excited because it seemed like decent weather compared to my last boating attempt where it continued to storm the whole time I was there. The day started as some of our brilliant teammates ran out of gas in the middle of the lake while coming to meet us. Shelby and I decided that we were going to go on a rescue mission and try to find them because apparently they were being towed in. We hopped on the Jet Ski and rode around the lake for a while and eventually returned back after not finding them. About an hour later, they finally blessed us with their presence.
Once everyone arrived, we took the party boat out (filled with beverages) and started off on our boating adventure. The captain Shelby guided our boat across the lake and to a small canal that reached another lake. We slowly glided through a time capsule to what I would describe as old Florida. Along the waterway was pristine swamp land beautifully decorated with cypress trees. I would say that we saw at least ten different bird species and greatest of all, untouched bird’s nests at the tops of the tallest trees. One or two alligator heads popped above the water to watch us. The treat of the trip was witnessing an otter (probably rabid otter) making a number two in somebody’s yard along a stretch of mobile homes and houses along the end of the path. What a lifestyle it must be to live along the water and be able to hop on your boat and cruise along whenever you wish.
Once we entered the other lake, clouds started forming and we decided collectively that it was time to return back. We made a pit stop so someone could go number one before our long trip back. At that time, the whole boat decided to jump off the back of the boat into the lake. I could not remember the last time that I went swimming in a lake. Once we returned to the dock, it was time for burgers and more beer. Ah, what a relaxing day.

Note: Taken from a past journal entry.