Pictures of Square Foot Garden 1

I just ordered our second square foot garden box for an early start for fall crops. In celebration of that, I am posting the current photo of garden number one.

Upper Left Corner – 2 tomato plants
Upper Center Right – 1 big unidentified squash (suspect it is spaghetti or butternut)
Bottom left – Yellow squash
Center – Carrots, Onions, Beans, and a hidden tomato
Side Right – Okra
Bottom Right Corner – Extremely small pepper
Bottom Right Center – Extremely small eggplant

On a unrelated note, I am still mourning the loss of this lovely borage plant. A few years ago, I did some reading on gardening and ordered borage seeds. I never really used them. When we moved into our new home, I couldn’t remember why I had them but decided to start one from seed anyway. It produced this lovely purple flowering plant. I did some more reading a few weeks ago and realized why I ordered them. They are a great companion plant for tomatoes and squashes. They help keep bad bugs out of the garden. Upon realizing this, I tried transplanting it next to the tomato. They don’t like to be transplanted. It died 😦 I have recently planted new seeds around the tomatoes and hoping these lovely flowers soon return.

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