I am Gruut

While in Ghent I visited the funky brewery called Gruut and lost an hour or two sampling their beers

I liked all the beers I sampled but I really liked the Bruin and the Inferno. The Inferno had good flavor, but watch out since it is 9%!

What was also cool is that the brewer is a female who comes from a long line of brewers. It is good to see women out there making good beer. In addition, her take on using herbs instead of hops is spot on. I’m a fan.

I’m in a convent

My trip is all wanting to try different experiences when time and budget allows. It just so happens that in Gent Belgium I decided to stay in a Carmelite convent.

Simple and clean

Room with a view

Quiet halls

Breakfast room

This cat greeted me one night

There was even a bar in the church parking lot. It was mysteriously closed every night after the first night.

It was a night nice peaceful place to stay. If you are interested here is the Airbnb listing.