A PR to end the running season

Winter Park Road race medal is stained glass.

This past Saturday I ran the Winter Park Road Race, the race sparks the end of the official running season. Our local running store Track Shack hosts a number of races throughout the year. Six of them are designated part of the running series. One can register for all six at the beginning of the season and become a fanatic. My husband and I have run all of the races before in previous years; but never all of them in the same year. This year we both decided to be fanatics. Not only did we commit our selves to all six races but we also signed up for the distance dare competition of two of the races. Basically those two races have both a shorter run and a longer run. A person doing the distance dare will do both the runs back to back.
So we continued to train year long for these races as well as a 15K, 10 miler, the half-marathon, and the relay race. We said no to social events and trips so we wouldn’t miss any in the series.
Now it has all come to an end and I came out with another PR.
That would make 3 PR’s for the entire year. I fell short of my half-marathon goal but I can say I had a banner year!!!

Last year’s Winter Park Road Race was an accomplishment because I was able to complete it with slacker training. I had hoped that this year’s would be cool because I obviously do better in cooler weather. I was not lucky that day. Orlando started it’s spring (and when I mean spring I mean summer-lite). It was humid and hot. The first two miles were hot and I was a sweaty mess but I pushed it anyway,

It wasn’t exactly a PR for me but pretty fast considering the temperatures. I probably pushed it too hard but I wanted to get back to the start line with time to cool down before my next six miles.
When I woke up in the morning I was tired and still sore from my crossfit bootcamp workouts earlier in the week. I didn’t properly stretch all week and I was not in the greatest state of mind (our dog has been really sick). I wasn’t really going for a PR; I just wanted to get the race over with.
So I started running the 6 miles. With luck it did cool down a bit. I was still really tired but I pushed on.

As suspected the last 2 miles were a mess. I took more walking breaks and I started to get the idea of defeat in my mind. Suddenly in the last mile or so something changed. I decided to just push it to the end. At the final stretch a girl was catching up to me and I made sure that didn’t happen.
I crossed the finish line and collected my medals and free wine glass (best local race booty).

I also picked up this guy for completing the distance dare.

We chatted with some friends a bit and then went home to care for our sick dog. The dog got worse over the weekend so I never bothered to check my finish time until Monday (she was in surgery).
I was very happy to discover that I did indeed get a PR.
I find it very interesting that as I turned 40 this year, I feel more and more like my body is aging and falling apart but at the same time I am able to accomplish so many more things.
I feel like I can set more ambitious goals for next year; or maybe even lose that extra weight I can’t seem to shed.
The sky’s the limit!!!

Another PR!!

I finally had another PR (personal record). This time it was for my 5K time. I have been so fixated on my half-marathon time that I have dismissed any improvements for 5Ks. This distance that should be the easiest for me to conquer but I still only make slow improvements.
The speed work I did to prepare for the Ragnar Relay in combination with the cold temperatures for the Running in the Pines race was a perfect formula for a PR.

My fastest 5k on record was the Valencia 5K in 2006 and that was a race that was in the pouring down rain. Many runners refused to show up. I ran fast to get out of the storm.
This time around it was legit. It was cold but it was a busy race. I ran my first mile at a pretty swift pace while passing many runners. Usually I run my first mile too fast. It always back fires on my later and I lose my steam.
Mile 2 I kept pushing on. I was maintaining my fast pace. In fact I was going faster. Should I slow down? My thoughts began to do the math “If I am this close to a PR I think to finish it”. I pushed through to the end. I found a bit of extra reserve energy to pass some runners in the last .25 mile. I sprinted across the finish.
It was hard to tell from the clock what my actual time was and my mapping tool is always incorrect. I confirmed with the race result printout that I did indeed do my personal best on this 5k.
So exciting.

I have one more race left in the series. The final race is a 10k plus 2 mile distance dare. I did the combo last year. I don’t remember my time but I do remember my focus was on finishing the 2 miler as quickly as possible to make it in time for the 10k start.
Perhaps a PR is in this works for this race too? We will see…..


Motivation is fading again.
Weight loss is nice. You feel healthy. People compliment you. You get complacent.
One rest day between workouts becomes one week between workouts and then it stops altogether.
Part of my problem is that I don’t have an immediate fitness goal on the horizon. Races are great motivators because you have a schedule to meet your goal. My next half-marathon in in November and I start an early training for that in mid-June. I am having a hard time completing my maintenance runs.
I have decided to add some more cross-training in the mix to keep me interested, but even that is tough to get motivated for.
Last weekend I had the house to myself (and the cats). I was able to get some work done, some studying done (technical certification may be in the future) and some housework done. However it was impossible to accomplish any kind of aerobic activity.
I had a simple plan, do a run one day and maybe a body pump class.
Saturday it rained in the morning. I was unwilling to do a rainy run (plus I had to carry my work pager with me) so bodypump it was. I went to the website of my gym to confirm the time of class and the website was completely down. I had no idea when the class started that morning. A motivated person would go to the gym anyway and take advantage of the treadmill or elliptical to get in their exercise. I decided to sit on the couch and watch movies during that rainy morning. The rest of the day was spent doing the activities I listed above (but I did go trim the bushes outside for a while when the rain stopped – that is sort of like exercise?).
Sunday a similar situation was unfolding. I woke up. I knew it was time for a run but I didn’t feel prepared for it (It has been 3-4 weeks since my last long run). I was on the verge of bailing out again but I couldn’t. The weight seems to be creeping back on and I desperately crave the energy I get from exercise. I set out to do only 4 miles and I was going to let myself walk the whole thing if I needed to. Anything to just get started.
We had another one of our perfect Florida weather days. It was sunny and around 70 degrees. It was perfect running weather. It is very odd for this time of year but I soak it in. The run feels mostly effortless. I not only run 6 miles, I add in a bridge to do some hill training.
The next day I attend that bodypump class. Usually I leave around the lunge time (because lunges are invented by Satan). I actually stay throughout the class and don’t do bad considering my last class was months ago.
Am I back on the exercise train? Time will only tell. I am planning the rest of the week of activities. I hope my motivation shows up as well.

Why I started running again.

 Sometimes I can be a lazy doggie too.


It is very easy for me to come home from a day at work and spend the rest of the evening on the couch or in front of the computer. As years go by I tend to be more energy deficient and I don’t have to be convinced to spend an evening relaxing on the couch. Those who are ultra motivated and full of energy can pass by this post because I will be speaking another language to you.  Most of the time I feel drained physically and emotionally. The only time I felt different is upon completing my first half-marathon. I had motivation and I had energy.
During my last over-sea’s travel I was able to sight see all day and night. I needed less resting breaks. I had endurance.
But that endurance and energy is now lost again and I fight my mind in a battle of exercise versus the couch again.
So I signed up for another half-marathon this fall. I have a new goal. I have something to work toward again.
I hope my energy and endurance return as well.
But don’t get me wrong, I still do not like running. However I realize that I need running. It is becoming essential for my health and mental well being. So I push on…..

Upcoming races

Watermelon 5Knot signed up yet 

Miracle Miles 15k & 5k- not signed up yet

Disney Wine and Dine half marathonSigned up!