Walk Bike Spain

I have many interests. Some of my interests include biking, walking and running. I am delighted when I discover communities that are friendly to those interests. My current city is adopting bike and pedestrian friendly measures but we are not quite there yet.

On the other hand, Spain seems to have caught on to bike and pedestrian friendliness. Every city we visited took measures to be bike friendly. All of them were pedestrian centric (Perhaps because the cities were developed prior to the invention of the automobile-unlike many cities in the U.S.).


In Madrid I failed to take pictures of the bike lanes in the city but I did snap some pictures of some of the evening paseo (walks). In Madrid many streets are pedestrian only. Families, couples, and groups spend most evenings walking the streets and socializing.

Puerta del Sol

Cava Baja, Madrid


Sevilla has some spectacular bike-only paths through its core. Easy bike rental kiosks are available if you don’t wish to have the burden of purchasing, locking up and maintaining your own bike.

Woman on a rental

Trail along the water

Path along the Alcazar

Bike Rental

Bike trail


Barcelona has a good network of bike and pedestrian paths down many of its avenues as well.

Bike and pedestrian paths down medians

Las Ramblas

Bike lane taken over by pedestrians

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