Ruta del Cares

Today is the planned hike. The hike is the Ruta del Cares. The trail is a gorge route with breathtaking views through the Picos de Europa mountain range.

The trail is 12 km long (24 if you do roundtrip). After watching the hikers yesterday I decide I’m probably only doing one way and taking the bus back to my town.

I eat breakfast at the hotel and load my backpack with water and a sandwich made from the hotel. Backpack already feels heavy when I start off at 10 am.

My hotel is about 500 m from the start. It is a little walk uphill to get to the start.

There is a light mist outside and it is a little cool (but for me it means perfect).

Before my face gets all flushed and sweaty.
And up you go

That first 2 km is pretty harsh since it is all uphill ( also bad going back down too – talk about that later).

I got dizzy which is new for me; and I took lots of stopping breaks.

Look at this view!

Thank goodness the trail gets flat.

At the halfway point so its sandwich time.

I eat 1/2 my sandwich then I am off again.

I arrived at Cain about 2 pm.

Lots of people stop there to eat but I have already eaten half my sandwich so no plans to eat, but I do notice a stream where people are chilling.

I stop and take my boots and socks off. It’s painful yet massaging to walk on rocks to get to water, but water is super cold. It hurts. The cold has got to be good for my feet right?

I sit down and rest for a bit. Have every intention of finding a bus to ride it back to my town (as I’ve seen posted in message boards).

I wander into Cain looking for a bus sign. All I see is a bunch of cafes and places to buy walking sticks (probably should have gotten some of those).

No buses to be found, only guy with a van offering a 30 euro nature ride back to my town. Something doesn’t seem right and that is expensive. Taxis are probably even more. Did I just insanely decide to walk back? I think about the route, the toughest part being the 2k downhill. And the sun is out and beating down on most of the trail.

The hike back was pretty tough. I think really fit people will have no issue. People who are semi-muscular like me can handle it but I think starting really early and eating lunch on the other side before heading back is the way to go. I didn’t rest enough before heading back because I was taking too long. I should have just taken my time though. The sun stayed out late this time of the year and there were still people on the trail at the end (but not as many). The really cool way to go is go with those trek groups who will pick you up on the other side (but you have to pay and are probably under time constraints).

More amazing views on the way back.

If I did it again I would stay more days in the area. I would still do the up and back in one day but I would take my time. I would also try other trails. It is my understanding there is so much more to see in the area. I only got a taste of the area and I liked it.

Picos de Europa

This is the part of the trip where I try to sneak a hike in to get some exercise (because walking miles and miles a day isn’t exercise :D).

I am nearby to Picos de Europa. So I book a little hotel in the small town of Poncebos.

Beautiful view coming in. I had to stop for pictures a couple of times because it was that pretty.

My little hotel sits in a valley. There is one hotel next door and maybe some more down the road but not many in the area. However as I arrive the place is bustling with day hikers. There are so many cars parked all over the area that I hope I find parking. Luckily the hotel has a free space open in their private lot.

When I check in I notice hikers drinking their celebratory beers. They seem like serious hikers. Am I out of my league here? I decide that I can do the trip one way only if it seems too much to do the roundtrip.

My little room.

There is no staying up late. Time for dinner and then bed. I ordered the trout that I guess was served with bacon on it. It was very good.

In addition I ordered the mixed salad which I thought was a side salad but ended up being a meal of its own. Topped with tuna so I guess tonight is a fish night.

Hopefully it will all prove to be good fuel for tomorrow.



Day trip

On my way to the Picos del Europa I decided to stop at the small town Ribadesella.

Ribadesella is a beach town with high cliffs, mountains views, and picturesque houses. The water way wraps through the town cutting it into two. I had a nice afternoon walking along the coasts.

The town is famous for its prehistoric cave drawings (Tito Bustillo). However very few can get into see them and the museum happened to be closed on the day I visited. If you do plan on visiting the town best to book that in advance.

The outer coast is resort-like with some really nice beach houses.

Walking along the other coast, there are some nice tile paintings of the history of the town.

At the edge of the walk you can climb up to an observation area to view the town from above. There is a little church at the top as well.

The town also has shops and cafes to spend some time. It is a nice place to do a day visit or perhaps spend a relaxing night or two.

Tight car space

The downsides of renting a large and nice car abroad is trying to get out of tight awkward places.

When I parked in the hotel garage in Gijón I had a feeling things would be challenging. All the spaces were narrow but I parked anyway. There was no car next to me but the other side was two large columns.

However there was a handicap spot behind me or I could pull forward if I needed some space to get out.

Well the worst scenario happened when I tried to finally leave Gijón: the car next to me is parked closely, the handicap space behind me is occupied and someone is parked in front of me (not a real space).

All my contingency plans have been thwarted. I am in a real tight situation.

So I start the long process to shimmy out of my space. The car has a good system of letting you know before you are about to hit something. But the alarm is too sensitive. I need to get close if I am ever getting out of the space.

I back up, I pull forward a couple inches. I back up. It continues. I get frustrated and get out of the car and flick a bird at car next to me, at the car in front of me, at car behind me, and at the columns. So many columns.

I get back in and I am getting very close to getting out when a man comes over to “help” guide me. I am just about out now but thanks?

Finally I am out with no car injury and glad to get out of this garage. I really should have parked in that surface paid lot instead.

You can see the car tightly next to me but you can’t see the car that is stopping me from pulling forward.

So many columns!


A must while in the Asturias (in my case Gijon) is to try out a local Sideria.

A Sideria is a bar that serves a local cider. There are many to choose from. You order by the bottle which is the same size everywhere.

I enjoyed checking out one of the more popular ones called La Galana.

They fill the cider bottle from here.

The cider is good but what is also fun is watching the cider men pouring. They place the bottle up above their head and the glass close to their knees and pour. Most do not look while they are pouring.

I did not get a video but this is what it looks like.

I got to pour my own. And yes there was spillage.

It wasn’t all cider…..

I also tried local dishes.

Cachopo. I wasn’t a huge fan. It was basically a fried steak with ham and cheese. Too rich for me.

Fabada Asturiana – This was actually good but probably better as a fall or winter dish.

This was a salad with octopus. Not bad for a random cafe.

Artwork that includes cider bottles.