Tight car space

The downsides of renting a large and nice car abroad is trying to get out of tight awkward places.

When I parked in the hotel garage in Gijón I had a feeling things would be challenging. All the spaces were narrow but I parked anyway. There was no car next to me but the other side was two large columns.

However there was a handicap spot behind me or I could pull forward if I needed some space to get out.

Well the worst scenario happened when I tried to finally leave Gijón: the car next to me is parked closely, the handicap space behind me is occupied and someone is parked in front of me (not a real space).

All my contingency plans have been thwarted. I am in a real tight situation.

So I start the long process to shimmy out of my space. The car has a good system of letting you know before you are about to hit something. But the alarm is too sensitive. I need to get close if I am ever getting out of the space.

I back up, I pull forward a couple inches. I back up. It continues. I get frustrated and get out of the car and flick a bird at car next to me, at the car in front of me, at car behind me, and at the columns. So many columns.

I get back in and I am getting very close to getting out when a man comes over to “help” guide me. I am just about out now but thanks?

Finally I am out with no car injury and glad to get out of this garage. I really should have parked in that surface paid lot instead.

You can see the car tightly next to me but you can’t see the car that is stopping me from pulling forward.
So many columns!

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