Day trip

On my way to the Picos del Europa I decided to stop at the small town Ribadesella.

Ribadesella is a beach town with high cliffs, mountains views, and picturesque houses. The water way wraps through the town cutting it into two. I had a nice afternoon walking along the coasts.

The town is famous for its prehistoric cave drawings (Tito Bustillo). However very few can get into see them and the museum happened to be closed on the day I visited. If you do plan on visiting the town best to book that in advance.

The outer coast is resort-like with some really nice beach houses.

Walking along the other coast, there are some nice tile paintings of the history of the town.

At the edge of the walk you can climb up to an observation area to view the town from above. There is a little church at the top as well.

The town also has shops and cafes to spend some time. It is a nice place to do a day visit or perhaps spend a relaxing night or two.

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