A must while in the Asturias (in my case Gijon) is to try out a local Sideria.

A Sideria is a bar that serves a local cider. There are many to choose from. You order by the bottle which is the same size everywhere.

I enjoyed checking out one of the more popular ones called La Galana.

They fill the cider bottle from here.

The cider is good but what is also fun is watching the cider men pouring. They place the bottle up above their head and the glass close to their knees and pour. Most do not look while they are pouring.

I did not get a video but this is what it looks like.

I got to pour my own. And yes there was spillage.

It wasn’t all cider…..

I also tried local dishes.

Cachopo. I wasn’t a huge fan. It was basically a fried steak with ham and cheese. Too rich for me.
Fabada Asturiana – This was actually good but probably better as a fall or winter dish.
This was a salad with octopus. Not bad for a random cafe.
Artwork that includes cider bottles.

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