Highland games

Once a year a time comes in Central Florida where there is a celebration of all that is Scottish. It is called the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games. Every year it comes and every year I miss it because it is always scheduled on a weekend I have to work. Luck would have it that I was able to arrange my schedule to have this day off work so I could attend this year.
I am glad I finally got to attend.

The first task was to find my clan. I recently became aware of my Scottish heritage so I spent some time trying to locate the clan I hail from. There are a series of tents set up that talk about each of the different clans. Locating my tent proved harder than I thought because a name could possibly be part of a couple different clans. What matters is the area that your relative lived in. I wasn’t 100% sure so it was back to the drawing board to figure that out later.

Along with the clan tents, there were tents set up to purchases things to represent your Scottish pride.

I really wanted to buy a tartan that represents my heritage but not being 100% sure of the clan I held out this time.

Next it was on to the snacks. I started off with a haggis taco from tijuana flats. It was decent. The toppings masked the haggis flavor quite a bit. It was no haggies, neeps and tatties but it would suffice.

 I love Sticky Toffee Pudding. But I didn’t get any; too much food to try and I didn’t leave room.

Later on I had a craving for a meat pie. I shared a meat pie and sausage roll with my husband. MMMMM meat in bread, yummmm!

One of the highlights of the festival is the beer vendor Dunedin Brewery. This Florida brewery provides all the tasty beer beverages for the festival.
The only bad thing about the process is the 2 separate line process that these festivals like to do. You wait in one long line for a ticket to buy and beer and then another long line to get served the beer.

They do have these handy pitchers that can be reused year after year. It saves line time.

After gathering food and beverage they have a limited number of tables under tents, or you can sit on the lawn and watch the entertainment.

We ate quickly and went out to watch the entertainment.
I got to listen to some talented bagpipers.

There is an area with highland animals. These two hairy coo’s must have been hot here in Florida.

Finally it is time for the manly man games. We spent some time watching feats of strength.

And my husband tried his hand at archery.

And more manly games.

We finished the night watching a Scottish modern rock band play. I can say it was a very entertaining day and worth the wait.

Here is a short video of some of the nighttime entertainment,

Downtown Orlando Food and Wine Fest

My husband and I were fortunate enough to score free tickets to the Downtown Food and Wine Fest at Lake Eola in Orlando. The festival consists of over 30 food vendors that festival visitors can sample.
We rode our bikes there since it is only a 4 mile ride from our house. We were famished so after buying our first ticket pack we headed to the Primo food booth. At the booth was Melissa Kelly herself (the chef). I don’t get star struck much but being next to a national known chef did make me slightly happy.

I am assuming that is some form of lard.

Build your own Meatball sandwich
Next up was the Porch in Winter Park. I have been wanting to check out the porch but never seem to find the time. Their food while not photogenic was very tasty.

Lemon Pepper Chicken

Flower Sprouts were awesome!

I took some time to stop and enjoy the steel drum.

I had a craving for both the pork belly and Lobster Mac that was available at Old Hickory Steakhouse. They weren’t mind blowing but they did hit the spot (although I could have used more pork belly!).

Pork Belly

Lobster Mac and Cheese (short on the lobster)

 I used some of my tickets for a wine break.

Finally I finished off with the offerings from The Pub.

Bread Pudding

Welsch Dip Sliders

Belhaven Beer Cheese & Pub Pretzel

Bands could be heard playing all day at the nearby stage. Loverboy finished off the night.

It was a fun sunny day sampling some good food.

Testing the Sunrail Commute Part 2

Around six months ago they started a local commuter rail service in Orlando. I took advantage of a free trial period to test a commute to work. See Testing the Sunrail Commute for details.

Problems with the commute  included not only timing of the trains but also lack of transportation options at either end of my train route. It was a big hassle to get to and from work.
Last week our local bus system, Lynx, started a test run of NeighborLink shuttle to take people from the Maitland Sunrail station to the offices in Maitland on the other side of I-4. This is great news since that was a very painful part of my commute.
I took advantage of this trial period to see if this could be a commuting solution for me. I chose a Thursday close to the slow holidays to test this out. I was slightly afraid there may be a hitch in my commute and I would end up later to work by accident.
The shuttle requires you to call a number 2 hours in advance of your ride to make sure you are scheduled for it. Because my expected ride time is at 7:05 am (which means a 5:00 am call!) I decided to call the day before. The person on the phone informed me that the shuttle will be at the station at 3 scheduled times in the morning so all I need to do is show up. She added my name and phone number to the system so my request call to get taken back to the station would be more efficient.

My plan for the next day is to get there early to catch the first train. I added some buffer time to figure out how to buy a ticket.

To make sure I was ready I did some preparations the night before:

Checked my tires for air. Pumped them up to recommended PSI.
Checked all my lights to make sure they worked.
Located my “lost” bike lock – it fell under my husbands rarely used car – doh!
Set clothes and supplies aside for the next day.
I woke up about 5:00 am and checked the weather. It was to be a chilly morning but I wasn’t worried, I can sweat in a snow storm.

Jeans and sneakers will do for this ride. Boy am I tired. I decide to tackle the makeup thing at work in case I end up dripping in sweat.

I removed my basket so I would have less hassle with parking and make it slightly lighter.

I turned on all my lights and I was ready to go.

The ride down to the Florida Hospital took me about 23 minutes. A couple extra minutes is dedicated to finding suitable bike parking. The ride is uneventful but my hands are pretty cold throughout the ride.

Bike parking is found within a Florida Hospital garage right next to the Sunrail Station. I locked it up and hoped all the parts would be there when I returned.

I wasn’t sure which way to go but I could see the sunrail platform right outside the garage so there should be a easy way to get to it from the garage right? Yeah no! I walked out the “exit”/staircase door only to find it was a dead end with no direct way to get to the Sunrail platform. The door shut behind me and there was no handle to get back in the garage. It was either go all the way around to find another way there or climb across a ditch. I chose the ditch because it was the shortest route. Things were dry so it was ok but I suppose this will not be an option for me on rainy days.

Dead end

The ditch

I still had almost ten minutes to get a ticket and get on the train. Buying a ticket was easy but I got help from an attendant since it was my first time. I decided on a round-trip ticket for this trip since I didn’t know when my next commute day would be. I chose my destination from the kiosk. I am traveling only one county so my fare is $3.75. I think the cost goes up depending on how many counties you cross in your commute. I am assuming the monthly passes are more economical.

Users need to tap before you get on and tap when you get off the train. I guess this is to activate the ticket.

The train arrives on time and I choose a seat upstairs.

I have time to pack my helmet away until this afternoon for my ride home.

An attendant checks my ticket to verify I have activated it.

Didn’t really test the wifi out but it seems to be available.

Two stops and 12.5 minutes later I am at my stop in Maitland. It is time to tap off.

We arrived at 6:48 AM. The shuttle was there waiting.

The lady driving the shuttle was extremely helpful and friendly. She gave me details all about the service. Unfortunately we were not scheduled to leave until 7:05 (over 15 minute wait). I suppose they wait for the southbound train to arrive before making the first trip. While I enjoyed the conversation I wish the shuttle could have taken off immediately after the train trip. It was already adding 15 minutes of idle time by having this waiting period.
While in the shuttle I found out that it will not service my side of Maitland Boulevard as of this time. I also learn how the shuttle has many places it cannot go (for example it is forbidden to go into Altamonte Springs which is in some places right across the street from Maitland office areas). I am lucky because they can drop off in front of RDV Sportsplex which is not a long walk across the busy street to my building. I will save the whining for those who work in building set much further behind on my side of Maitland Blvd. The shuttle has one other passenger to drop off and took about 15 1/2 minutes to get there from the station.  I arrive at the office at 7:30 AM.

Crossing Maitland Blvd by foot.

Total commute time to work is 1 hour 30 minutes.

For the trip home the driver informed me that she already had scheduled pickups at RDV, one at 5:00 and one at 5:30.  I could call 2 hours in advance if I wanted another pickup time. I decided the 5:00 pickup would be sufficient to get me to the 5:29 PM train and it was.

Pick up spot at RDV

The shuttle arrived promptly. Traffic was already starting to get backed up. It took us a little over 15 minutes to get back to the station.

I headed over to wait for my Southbound train (15 min wait).

The train ride back took about 13 minutes. I was happy when I arrived to find my bike locked up and safe in the Florida Hospital garage.

It had warmed up a bit but still cool enough to be only a slightly sweaty ride home.

The bike ride home is only slightly more challenging because there is more traffic. I feel the need to go faster to keep up with traffic. I chose to stay on the busy road for most of the ride home but I could easily subsitute cutting through the Audubon Park neighborhood to make it a more relaxing ride.
I commute that way most days and the big difference with being on the bike is that I had an urge to stop at a local business to shop or meet friends. Unfortunately no friends were out at the time and I couldn’t think of an errand that needed to be run that day. Being on a bike really exposes you more to a neighborhood and I think that is a good thing.

In my previous trip I was real frustrated with my riding experience. The train itself is clean and timely and the staff is friendly and helpful. My complaints then were about the lack of more frequent trains and lack of connection options. At least for now the connection options are getting better. The most frustrating part of the bike commute is now replaced by the shuttle. I still don’t know if this is a practical solution for me. Commuting each way took an hour and a half. When I traveled last time it was only a little over an hour each way. I didn’t like that I had to wait 15 minutes for the shuttle to leave the station. It is real hard to convince someone whose worse case car commute is 45 minutes (normal 25 minutes) to give up an extra hour and a half a day to take the train. Some areas that could improve even more: increase train frequency (allow commuters to time the shuttle better), have on demand shuttle trips from the station or as soon as a train arrives, expand the office drop-off area of the Maitland shuttle, and add more feeder shuttles (ummm…Baldwin Park).

Will I take it again? If the Maitland shuttle continues then yes. I won’t ride it every day, it isn’t practical for me sometimes due to the nature of the work I do. But I can attempt to ride a couple times a week. Adding some extra bike riding would be good for my overall health.  I would like to try next to time the commute so I can attempt a 6:00 pm exercise class in either Winter Park or Mills 50 or try commuting with some baggage (laptop, lunch or change of clothing).
I am looking forward to what the future holds for Sunrail. I see so many areas where it can get better.
Hopefully I will have another happy update soon!

So Close

So I finished my 4th half-marathon this past weekend. Another race in the books.

This post is meant to be a recap of the race. Because I like to end on a good note I will start with the bad.
I didn’t meet my time goal. I am slightly upset about it, especially because I was so close to making it. But I didn’t prepare to beat my time goal. I skipped many weekday runs. I ate crappy food and drank many alcoholic beverage in the weeks up to the race. I celebrated my 40th birthday. I burned the candle at both ends. I am not sure what I was expecting from this race. I really need to be happy that I finished at all and I did come close to my time goal considering how much a slacker I have been.

It was warm. I knew this was a possibility. I was a spectator last year and elite runners found the heat challenging (not my husband of course- he is superman). This year was better than last year but too warm for me to really push it. Additionally when the sun starts beating down on me I am toast.

I ended up getting a massive migraine/stress headache afterwards. It is my fault. I know what to do to prevent it but I got caught up in the moment. I absolutely cannot have a celebratory coffee, beer or sweet post race (at least until hours later after I am fully hydrated). This race I drank too beers immediately after the race after only drinking one bottled water. Boy did I pay for it later. Constant puking and headaches until at least 9:00 PM that evening. I finally felt like a human again.

I stopped for potty miles 7-8. Didn’t have to go extremely bad but thought it was good to go and get it over with in case it got worse later. I probably shouldn’t have stopped. I lost about a minute there. Not as bad as the time I lost in my first half marathon but I still did not beat my finish time for that first race. See breakdown for mile 8 below for the additional “bump” for the potty break.

I also had problems between miles 9-10. There were hills, my legs were tired, and I had trouble breathing. Looking at the above kind of lets me know why. I really pushed mile 9 so of course mile ten would struggle. I really need to work on pacing.

Below is where I stand with my distance races. I still claim my last 10 mile race to be my fastest ever but I still want to conquer the whole finish a half-marathon in under 3 hour hurdle. I hear people at the race start state non-nonchalantly how they will easily do a 2:30 finish time. I know that is so out of reach for me right now. One time I will finish in under 3 though. I just know it!

Now for the good.

Below is the course we took trough many downtown Orlando neighborhoods. I got to explore parts that I never normally travel through. Downtown Orlando has some nice neighborhoods.

Before I got all sick for the rest of the day I did enjoy two free beers and fellowship with other runners after the race. I also got to meet and hang out with my Ragnar team at the race (minus 1). The Ragnar is an overnight relay race. There are two vans that split the team and each person gets 3 running legs that they need to complete. After each leg the race is switched off to another runner to continue on while the van takes you the next switch off location. There is some time to shower and sleep the way the race is laid out but most of your time will basically be in the van waiting for your next turn. It is supposed to be a ton of fun. We are racing down to the keys. I can’t wait to go down there and party with the team afterward.

Finally I finished 4th half marathon. That distance itself is an accomplishment for me considering how out of shape I am in. Also today I feel good. My body feels more balanced. I feel more willing to eat healthier and finally I have more ENERGY.

What is next?

Since I have the relay coming soon I will continue to work on endurance. My longest leg is about 8 miles so I will keep my longest runs to perhaps 11 miles (in cause I have to pick up a longer leg last minute). I also need to work on speed this time around. I have been hesitant to do this relay race in the past because I am so slow. Fortunately these team members are very encouraging and don’t seem to mind as much that I am slow. I am the slowest on the team but I really need to speed up a bit to make sure I do my part to help us to finish in time. Weekly speed workouts are essential now.

I am back to regular barre classes now. I am activating my 6 week all you can visit special for a new barre workout place and I want to take full advantage of it. Barre will help me with my strength and stretching (that I have been slacking lately).  The goal is to go 2-3 times a week on top of my running goals. Sounds like I need to put together a workout plan! See you in February for an update.

A Wedding Tasting

Two good friends of mine are getting married in less than two weeks. I am very excited about the wedding. The wedding is local but we are choosing to do a stay-cation at a local resort and spend the weekend hanging out. Many of these friends I have known for many many years. It should prove to be a fun weekend. As part of the wedding preparation my friend had a wedding menu tasting at the resort and she invited me along for the fun.

For the tasting we met with the coordinator and she took us back to a tasting room in the kitchen to meet the kitchen manager, the sous chef, and all the other chefs responsible for the different dishes.
They carefully explained each part of the menu. We learned how the dishes were prepared. For this wedding they have to cater to vegetarians/vegans, provide choices for those with gluten intolerance, and accommodate many food allergies. The menu was customized to accommodate these needs as well as provide dishes for discriminating tastes. It is a very well thought out menu.

Prior to the food tasting we were provided with some bubbly and bread and butter.

The bread was good but the butter was where it was at. The butter had a story!! The chef met a lady in Maine who made her own butter from the cows on her farm. The grass is irrigated with the salty air from the ocean. The cows graze on the grass and the end result is this salty tasty butter. The chef liked it so much that now she provides butter for all the hotels. Her farm has grown considerably as a result. I love food with a story.

We started by tasting the hors d’oeuvres that will be passed around during cocktail hour. We got to try all in the list but were tasked to narrow it down to our four favorites.

On our first pass we tried the Edamame Hummus on a plantain crisp, the grilled vegetable bruschetta, and the chicken salad Gougere.

All of the preceding group was good but the hummus was the standout. Such simple ingredients but so much flavor. I would love to steal this hummus recipe.

For the second group of appetizers we sampled the braised beef over polenta, bacon wrapped date, corn fritter, and a chicken arepa.

Of the second group I loved the bacon wrapped date and the braised beef over polenta. Blue cheese was used in both those appetizers. While I am not a blue cheese fan I found it palatable in these flavorful appetizers. The huckleberry jam that accompanied the bacon date is made in house.  (I was pleased to find out later that they sent us home with samples of both the butter and the jam!!!)
The corn fritter was good but I couldn’t see myself eating more than one of them and I always find the “arepa” breads to be too filling as well.  I did enjoy the chicken on the arepa.

Next we got small samples of all four salads on the menu. I love salads, especially when they are made of lettuces other than iceberg and romaine. I can tell I will be chowing down on these salads at the wedding.

Finally we move on to the main dishes. I am so full already but I muster up the space for these risottos…

and pad thai ….

and this chicken taco and rice ….

Finally we move on to the finale. We got to sample 4 different cakes.
The first two were gluten free. I am not a cake person but I might be a fan of gluten free cakes. I prefer my cakes more dense than spongy so these were perfect. My favorite was the yellow cake with lemon curd, limoncello, and raspberries. I might be able to eat a couple pieces of that wedding night!! I am glad my friend chose it as one of her two choices.

During the tasting they spoke to us about the farm on site and how it is used to provide ingredients for many of the dishes in the hotel. I really get excited about farm to table so this was up my alley.
Finally they talked about the new brewery and restaurant that was being constructed currently. Not only is beer brewed on site but the hops are grown on the farm!! I am excited about checking that out soon.

The wedding will be at the JW Marriot Grande Lakes in Orlando. If you are looking for a venue for your upcoming wedding, the JW Marriot would be a great choice. The food is magnificent and they will take care of you.