So Close

So I finished my 4th half-marathon this past weekend. Another race in the books.

This post is meant to be a recap of the race. Because I like to end on a good note I will start with the bad.
I didn’t meet my time goal. I am slightly upset about it, especially because I was so close to making it. But I didn’t prepare to beat my time goal. I skipped many weekday runs. I ate crappy food and drank many alcoholic beverage in the weeks up to the race. I celebrated my 40th birthday. I burned the candle at both ends. I am not sure what I was expecting from this race. I really need to be happy that I finished at all and I did come close to my time goal considering how much a slacker I have been.

It was warm. I knew this was a possibility. I was a spectator last year and elite runners found the heat challenging (not my husband of course- he is superman). This year was better than last year but too warm for me to really push it. Additionally when the sun starts beating down on me I am toast.

I ended up getting a massive migraine/stress headache afterwards. It is my fault. I know what to do to prevent it but I got caught up in the moment. I absolutely cannot have a celebratory coffee, beer or sweet post race (at least until hours later after I am fully hydrated). This race I drank too beers immediately after the race after only drinking one bottled water. Boy did I pay for it later. Constant puking and headaches until at least 9:00 PM that evening. I finally felt like a human again.

I stopped for potty miles 7-8. Didn’t have to go extremely bad but thought it was good to go and get it over with in case it got worse later. I probably shouldn’t have stopped. I lost about a minute there. Not as bad as the time I lost in my first half marathon but I still did not beat my finish time for that first race. See breakdown for mile 8 below for the additional “bump” for the potty break.

I also had problems between miles 9-10. There were hills, my legs were tired, and I had trouble breathing. Looking at the above kind of lets me know why. I really pushed mile 9 so of course mile ten would struggle. I really need to work on pacing.

Below is where I stand with my distance races. I still claim my last 10 mile race to be my fastest ever but I still want to conquer the whole finish a half-marathon in under 3 hour hurdle. I hear people at the race start state non-nonchalantly how they will easily do a 2:30 finish time. I know that is so out of reach for me right now. One time I will finish in under 3 though. I just know it!

Now for the good.

Below is the course we took trough many downtown Orlando neighborhoods. I got to explore parts that I never normally travel through. Downtown Orlando has some nice neighborhoods.

Before I got all sick for the rest of the day I did enjoy two free beers and fellowship with other runners after the race. I also got to meet and hang out with my Ragnar team at the race (minus 1). The Ragnar is an overnight relay race. There are two vans that split the team and each person gets 3 running legs that they need to complete. After each leg the race is switched off to another runner to continue on while the van takes you the next switch off location. There is some time to shower and sleep the way the race is laid out but most of your time will basically be in the van waiting for your next turn. It is supposed to be a ton of fun. We are racing down to the keys. I can’t wait to go down there and party with the team afterward.

Finally I finished 4th half marathon. That distance itself is an accomplishment for me considering how out of shape I am in. Also today I feel good. My body feels more balanced. I feel more willing to eat healthier and finally I have more ENERGY.

What is next?

Since I have the relay coming soon I will continue to work on endurance. My longest leg is about 8 miles so I will keep my longest runs to perhaps 11 miles (in cause I have to pick up a longer leg last minute). I also need to work on speed this time around. I have been hesitant to do this relay race in the past because I am so slow. Fortunately these team members are very encouraging and don’t seem to mind as much that I am slow. I am the slowest on the team but I really need to speed up a bit to make sure I do my part to help us to finish in time. Weekly speed workouts are essential now.

I am back to regular barre classes now. I am activating my 6 week all you can visit special for a new barre workout place and I want to take full advantage of it. Barre will help me with my strength and stretching (that I have been slacking lately).  The goal is to go 2-3 times a week on top of my running goals. Sounds like I need to put together a workout plan! See you in February for an update.

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