Downtown Orlando Food and Wine Fest

My husband and I were fortunate enough to score free tickets to the Downtown Food and Wine Fest at Lake Eola in Orlando. The festival consists of over 30 food vendors that festival visitors can sample.
We rode our bikes there since it is only a 4 mile ride from our house. We were famished so after buying our first ticket pack we headed to the Primo food booth. At the booth was Melissa Kelly herself (the chef). I don’t get star struck much but being next to a national known chef did make me slightly happy.

I am assuming that is some form of lard.

Build your own Meatball sandwich
Next up was the Porch in Winter Park. I have been wanting to check out the porch but never seem to find the time. Their food while not photogenic was very tasty.

Lemon Pepper Chicken

Flower Sprouts were awesome!

I took some time to stop and enjoy the steel drum.

I had a craving for both the pork belly and Lobster Mac that was available at Old Hickory Steakhouse. They weren’t mind blowing but they did hit the spot (although I could have used more pork belly!).

Pork Belly

Lobster Mac and Cheese (short on the lobster)

 I used some of my tickets for a wine break.

Finally I finished off with the offerings from The Pub.

Bread Pudding

Welsch Dip Sliders

Belhaven Beer Cheese & Pub Pretzel

Bands could be heard playing all day at the nearby stage. Loverboy finished off the night.

It was a fun sunny day sampling some good food.

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