Wadi Rum

It is a 5 hour drive to wadi rum from Amman. We stop for drinks and food for the journey. I pick up a couple of the cheese and meat breads and some snacks.

As we leave town the landscape turns more dessert like.

First we stop to gain admission to the site, since it is a protected area.

We gather our things and move to jeeps that will take us around in the sand.

First stop is at a natural spring and place to get tea. I skip the climb to the spring due to the heat. The temperatures are not as hot as Egypt but I am still weary of getting overheated. The tea is good, it is a black tea with sage and other spices as well as sugar. The tour guide talks me into getting a scarf which is common in the region. He helps me tie to my head. We see camels and goats.

My guide and I wearing Jordanian scarves

When everyone gets down from the hill we go to our next location. It is a hike up a sandy mountain to a lookout point.

The guide advises us no shoes for part one and shoes on for part two of hike up.

I take off my shoes and have a very calf intensive hike up in deep sand. I cannot say that part is fun but it is a relief when it was time to put shoes on for the rocky part. At that point there is a light climb (but it could have been higher and more challenging if I wanted) to some beautiful views of the region. I took copious photos then started to head down.

When I arrive at the sandy area once more I start to sort of jog down. It is quite fun. I am in the shade and the sand softened each step. I can’t run anymore because of my bad feet but this is the closest I have had to it in a while. Plus it was a heck more fun than going up.

The third stop is a natural bridge. I loved Arches National Park in Utah so I would normally say I am not as impressed but at this arch you are allowed to stand on top. I don’t remember being able to do this in Utah.

Coming back down
Lots of butt sliding

We snapped our photos and went on to our camp site.

I paid for the single supplement so I have my own tent.

My view
Campsite Dining area

We throw our stuff in our tents and head off to watch the sunset which is beautiful.

Dinner is lamb, cucumber salad, rice, vegetables. Very good.

After dinner it is time for campfire. Dining area lights are turned off and we lie down and look at the sky. It is amazing. So many stars. I never get to see the sky this way because of all the city lights.

Early to bed for long morning hike tomorrow.

But I hear wild cats off in the distance maybe?

What is that sound?

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