In Jordan

I arrive in Jordan and things are already going well. A fancy town car picks us up and our hotel seems pretty nice.

Hotel is nicer than any we had in Egypt. It is a welcome change.

Funky wall art in my hotel room

Amman is peaceful but lively. People talk to you because they are interested in you. It is refreshing to have people not trying to sell you something or to ask you on a date.

We decide to walk up to the citadel because I read somewhere that the Dead Sea scrolls were on display (we later learn those were moved to the Jordan museum). Very disappointed about that mistake but the museum did have a couple of cool things.

Roman Temple of Hercules

Also on the hill is a temple built during the reign of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

We also see other ruins at the top.

Soon it is time to meet with our tour leader. After a brief meeting he takes us on a quick food tour of the area.

We stop first at Habibah Sweets and try some kunafa (one of my favorites) and something else similar.

Soon we are taken to the fruit market. We pick up some snacks for our journeys the next couple days.

Have I said how much I love visiting local food markets?

Soon we say goodnight to our guide the group splits up to grab dinner. I decide to join the girls who are going to get falafel. It is a good choice because it is probably the best falafel I’ve ever had.

Hashem Restaurant Down Town

Then it is off to bed. We head to the desert tomorrow.