I am exhausted

Graffiti Wall in Gent Belgium

I knew exhaustion would set in on my trip. It starts with the all around tiredness then it progresses to sniffles and a sore throat and if I ignore the signs it manifests itself into a full on cold.

I knew it would happen, I just didn’t think it would happen so soon in my trip.

Against my better judgement I packed too much in for a small time period.

I thought I did lots of research on message boards; someone says you need two days in a city, I would always add an extra day. BUT let me just say “Who are these people that schedule a bare minimum in a city?”. It is an exhausting way to travel and definitely not my style.

I am kind of stuck for a least the next week or so since I carefully planned my hotels and travel already. The only thing I can do is practice self-care. What self-care can mean is: sleeping in instead of waking up when that museum opens, skip that walking tour and relax in a cafe instead, or go back to your hotel early instead of having a night cap (like I did after a long day yesterday).

I may not see everything that a city has but I am not going to see everything if I am sick in bed anyway.

Time to slow things down.

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