First day in Amsterdam

The flight into Amsterdam was uneventful but for some reason I didn’t sleep well. I know what helps for me is to close my eyes when we are about to take off and the cabin pressure changes. If I fall asleep then it sets in motion a very good flight of sleep (even if I am awakened I can usually go back to sleep). What doesn’t work well for me is staying awake to wait for the first meal service. I may not be hungry but I am afraid that if I am asleep they will skip me and I will starve. It is irrational but it is my reality.

So my first day in Amsterdam wasn’t a full day. I checked into my airbnb (see houseboat below) and went out for something to eat.

My Airbnb house boat

The first place I tried to eat wasn’t open yet for dinner so I settled for Waterkant and the nice view of the water.

I tried walking around a bit after eating but I was tired. I did see some pretty canal streets in the Jordaan before I went off to bed for the evening.