Out West 2017! Grand Canyon Day 1

Next stop on our road trip is the Grand Canyon. Yes, it is amazing as everyone says it is.
We spent two days here and splurged a little and stayed on site. I wanted to make sure we had as much time as possible to get at the Canyon.

We drove up from Flagstaff that morning and it took about an hour and half to arrive. We had some time to hike a little before checking into our lodge Bright Angel Lodge.

We started with the South Kaibab Trail. It seemed like an easy day one hike to do. It was fall but still very warm in the sun. I wish I would have worn shorts and a t-shirt.

We hiked down to the recommended day hike stop, Cedar Ridge. There were bathrooms and some room to eat some snacks with a spectacular view.

This is also the trail where I lost a friend the previous year. In an unfortunate accident she fell below. I took a moment to remember her and her sparkle. Her name is also unfortunately in the book that chronicles all the canyon deaths.

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