Out West 2017! Get your kicks on route 66

One of my favorite Depeche Mode songs is their remake of the song Route 66. 
Route 66 always symbolized an idyllic road trip. The song lists all these towns that you will see along the way. For my road trip out west, I had a chance to take route 66 along some of my route. I didn’t get to hit many towns listed in the song, and we left too late to really enjoy lots of daylight hours on the road, but it was still and interesting trip.
First there is a stop at the Lake Mead Recreational area to get a good look,

Then we stopped at an old time-y gas station. It had closed just before we arrived since it was already getting late. I snapped a couple pictures and got back on the road.

The rest of the drive to Flagstaff was dark and isolating. It reminded me a little of the latest season of Twin Peaks, kind of creepy. But we made it to Flagstaff safely for the night. We had a little time for local craft brews and pizza before calling it a night. We are heading to Grand Canyon the next day.

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