Camping in Shawangunks (Day 2)

Minnewaska State Park

It has been a while since my last camping adventure.
I saw lightening bugs, something that reminds me of my childhood summers in Ohio. I got to see them anymore when I stopped visiting Ohio. It is too hot for them to be in Florida.
I also forgot how hard the ground could get.
Before going to sleep that night I made sure I drank a protein shake so I wouldn’t wake up in lactic acid pain.
I was smelly and sore but didn’t care, shower was not happening that night.
When I do something athletically strenuous I tend to have to urinate frequently. It was very uncomfortable to keep having to get up in the middle of the night and wander around in the pitch black to get to the toilets. 
On my bathroom hikes I refused to look around in case something was lurking in the bushes – I didnt want to know.
The other downside is that I couldn’t sleep. First I was warm, then sore, and always uncomfortable and then cold. Brr was I cold.

I woke up early and took advatage of that shower. It wasn’t amazing but at least there was hot water.
Time to go hiking again? Maybe a swimming hole? I am so sore that I can’t imagine hiking again but you never know.

We pack up our stuff and head to Minnewaska State Park specifically Lake Minnewaska. Lake Minnewaska is a sky lake. A lake in the mountain top. It a few miles so we drive there. Luckily we get there early because the lot seems to be filling up. We park and fill our backpacks with what we need for the swimming hole.

We stop for a great view on the way.

We arrive at the swimming hole and no one is there. Turns out it doesn’t open for another 30 minutes.

I decide to change into my suit meanwhile and we go for a walk along the path around the lake.  I walk for a little while and decide I need more rest before I start for the day. I go back to the beach area to setup to lay down. I read and nap while Carlos does laps around the lake. I decided against going in the water because I overhear someone comparing it to diaper water. Carlos does go in for a little bit after his run.

I finally muster up the energy to go see the views on the other side of the lake. I am glad I did, they were amazing.

Carlos mentioned a great waterfall view that he saw while running. Still sore from the day before I decide against it. We really must come back to this area, especially when I am in better physical shape. So much nature and fun!

Time to get some dinner and head back toward the city. Somehow we end up at Tuthilltown Distillery and Restaurant and ordering a local whiskey flight.

The distillery and restaurant are a nice little area to throw a wedding or a party.

Due to the visit to the restaurant being on the other side of park we took a different route back home. We started going further and further uphill. Are we going back into the mountains? We come across this stellar view and must stop and look.

The rest of the trip back was uneventful until the cluster that is called the George Washington Bridge. Our plan to come back later to avoid traffic was flawed and we sat there forever. We eventually made it home though.
After my recovery I starting dreaming of future trips upstate. I might be hooked on nature. Can’t wait to go back!

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