Tower of London and Tower Bridge

One day in London we explored the Tower of London. This was my first visit to the tower since my coach tour skipped it last time.
The tower served many of purposes over the years. It served as a home, an armoury, a treasury, a fortess, etc. Many rulers had their way with the fortress over the years.

Henry III was a particularly odd one with some sort of weird obsession with animals. He had a menagerie here.  I am not 100% sure but I think he is responsible for these monkey statues.

Little chapel

We got to learn about life in the court. Those people ate a bunch.

Remember when I was talking earlier about Henry III? He had many animals one of which was a polar bear gifted to him. I am pretty sure the animals didn’t have a long life span given some of the descriptions in the tower exhibits.

Now we get to all the fun stuff. Lots of horse statues.

And a messed up dragon.

And you always need to stop and watch these guys with those hats.

Ravens are big here too. They kind of own the place.

After the tower we went to go get a snack to eat. Carlos ended up making some close friends.

While we snacked we see a nice view of the Tower Bridge. We skipped the visit to the bridge and admired it from afar.

A walk along the Thames leads us to this L’eggs shaped building.

After our walk we decide to visit the Banquet Hall since admission is free as part of the tourism pass we purchased. Outside we saw some protesters.

The Banquet Hall wasn’t all that exciting to visit but I did dig this hallway.

Some more walking around town leads us to some interesting sites.


Trafalgar Square

Another beautiful day in London in the books.

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