Why are there no new garden pics

As a blog that started out to be mostly about gardening one may ask where are the garden pictures? To be honest, more is dying than living in the garden. I started seeds for the fall but neglected them all. They are dead now too. Last weekend I pulled out the last of the dying tomato plants and cleared some weeds out of the landscaping beds; but there are no new plants. I have two square foot gardens that are empty right now (except one oregano plant). I really haven’t had the time to invest in the garden for the fall. I am hoping that maybe this weekend I can get to a nursery and infill my square foot gardens with store bought plants so we have something this fall to eat; my only disappointment with that is that they won’t be organic.
I have no pictures today but there is hope for the upcoming months – the key limes are growing and we are expecting at least 6 grapefruits. The muscadine grapes look sorry but are edible and sweet. Of course there is also always mint growing like a weed.
Some day I will get my gardening act together again!

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