London – The Globe

A visit to London would not be complete without a visit to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Ideally we would have loved to see a show at the theater but we visited off season. We settled for a tour instead.

The globe theatre that stands there now is not the original one; the original one burned down in 1613. During my first trip to London in 1995 they had just started construction on the current theater. I was happy that this time around I was able to visit the finished product.

As you can see everything was carefully constructed to look like the original as much as possible. They even replicated the thatched roof.

The stage

You can see the detail put into the balconies.

Another view of the stage.

The ceiling of the stage.
Shakespeare’s will in the museum.
A model of how the city looked during the time of the globe theater.

A timeline of all Shakespeare’s works.

Outside view

If you can, definitely go see a play there. You can be royalty and sit in a seat; or you can be groundling and watch from standing room only. Even if you can’t catch a play the theater is worth a visit for the tour and the artifacts in the museum. It should take you a good 2-3 hours to get through it all. Enjoy.

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