I ran across this article today which I though was of interest to gardeners.

I have been backyard gardening for many years (past few years more seriously) and never thought about tetanus.
I am the type of person who gets vaccinations only if it is absolutely necessary.
I don’t get flu shots. The only year I got a flu shot was the year I got a terrible nasty flu (Yes I know research says that the shot does not cause an infection). I had to get hepatitis and some other vaccinations because I really wanted to travel to Brazil and they were required. I had a tetanus shot about 13 years ago but only because I almost chopped my thumb off with a knife.
It never occurred to me that digging in my own back yard would require such a thing.

almost one-third of reported tetanus cases come from gardening or farming injuries”


Even the CDC recommends it.

 I will consider getting the shot it I start another large project but for now I will just go on relying on my luck.

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