The right thing


Most days I struggle with regret that I said the wrong thing. Sometimes this can be referred to as foot in mouth syndrome; speaking before you think; wrong thing at the wrong time.
Most of my life, and especially the last few years, I make an effort to be the best me. I tend to be good at seeing my own faults and working towards fixing them. One fault, the fault of saying the wrong thing and then regretting it later, is something that repeats itself over and over again in my life. I am about at my wits end.
I have taken leadership classes. I have taken courses on emotional intelligence. I took a 12 week Dale Carnegie “How to win Friends and Influence People”. Yet I am still unable to filter my words.
I know people who lack the filter as well. Do they consistently regret what they say? It does not appear so. Am I making a too big of deal of it in my mind? Am I more sensitive to what I say than others are? I have destroyed a relationship or two over my words. Perhaps people who really love me and know my heart tend to overlook this fault? Even if I can still maintain relationships on a personal level, it is still something that is needed for my professional life. I have seen people getting to the top by walking all over people and their feelings and I do not have the stomach for that. I am too sensitive. I wish I had a magic formula to know the right thing to say. Until then I try again……

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