Eviction Notice

Yesterday afternoon, right before a holiday weekend, I sent eviction notices to some tenants. I  physically kicked some tenants out on their arse. I think of myself as an easy going landlord. I let freeloading weeds live in my garden all summer, never having to pay rent (aka feed me). Weeds are big partiers who tear up the place; evictions must occur. Although it is as painful for me as it is for them (sunburns and back pains), it must be done to make room for new tenants.
I am real excited about the new tenants. I am expecting some first class kale, yummy broccoli, and other fall crops to be moving in soon. I will keep you posted on any new developments.

Some of the unwanted visitors

Here is what you have missed the last few months:

I took on way too much responsibility mid-way through this year. Gardening and photography were put on hold.
With the exception of back pain this past week (and two missed runs), I am on track to be ready to finish and maybe beat my time for my second half-marathon in November.

Some jerk bird ate all the blueberries.

Bugs binged and purged on the brussel sprouts

 Grapes are rotting off the vine because we are slow to pick them. Backyard smells like a winery.

 I killed these carrots

Fig Party

 I just about killed my aunt’s favorite plant- the Okinawa Spinach. I am working on bringing it back to life.

Kale is King

Seeds are in for the fall.

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