Citrus and Kale

The key lime is not doing well. While we do have some key limes growing this season, the leaves are falling off just like they did with our lemon bush (the lemon has since been removed). At first I thought it was a nitrogen deficiency but fertilizing doesn’t seem to help. Then I thought the problem was mites, but pest control measures seemed unsuccessful. I am now thinking it has a problem that citrus gets in central Florida – Citrus Greening. From what I have been told and what I have read, there really isn’t much I can do to treat it. Our local hardware garden guy recommended just trying to keep that and other citrus around it healthy so it can fight it off. So that is my new plan – try to keep my plants healthy.

The spring kale is still lingering around. I pull up about one a week. We aren’t eating it and it looks sad. I don’t know why I don’t just pull it all up and throw down new seeds. My garden still needs some cleanup work for the fall.

August Garden: Summer Cleanup and New Arrivals

Some old friends are still in the garden and some new have recently joined. This is what is enduring the August heat for now….

New Citronella plant and marigold. Trying something new to fend off mosquitos.

It was time for some thyme to be added back to the garden. Purchased a thyme plant so we had fresh herbs on hand.

Summer crop of pinto beans sprouting while the garden waits for fall crops.

Spinach is still doing well. Now that the squash is removed it has room to grow.

Tomato seedlings preparing for the fall.

Now that the squash is gone, the collards have room to thrive. They do love those semi-shady days though.

Needed some fresh basil so I put another store bought plant in the garden.

These chives keep on kicking year after year. This is their best year yet. Can’t wait to throw them in various recipes.

We have a few of these sickly kale plants spread throughout the garden. I can’t seem to pull them out yet though. Part of me thinks they will beat the heat and the bugs.

Kale Chips

It has been a while since we have attempted to make kale chips. We had an abundance of kale so I decided to take a stab at it.
I loosely followed this recipe.
They were crunchy fun but only lasted a few minutes. I guess next time larger batches are needed.
Note: Check on your kale while it is cooking, mine only required 25 minutes to be fully crunchy.