What the h^@% is this pink stuff?

From Plants, Photos, Fitness and Food

A couple of weeks ago I found this pinkish orange stuff hanging out in one of my whiskey barrel planters (see Whiskey Good). I snapped a couple of quick photos and then went along my business. I have been so backed up on my photo editing that the photos went into the phantom zone (the zone where the photos are uploaded to my computer but never added to my Lightroom library – I really should have set it up to auto-add stuff). Anyhoo, I did some file organization and came across this photo again. After some quick research on garden forums I discovered it is Lycogala epidendrum. Wikipedia doesn’t say much about it but after reading some comments on forums I have come to the conclusion that it is harmless (They said it was ok). Soon after the pic was taken the balls turned brownish and now have disappeared. Well that was interesting. Do you have any crazy stuff going on in your garden?

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