Owning It

Today I happily arrived at my followup appointment at the doctor; the appointment where the doctor is to tell me that my blood work showed some abnormalities that were making it difficult for me to lose weight. The doctor enters the room looks down the results and says “Everything is normal.” Apparently there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. Oh Shit! I have run out of excuses. It is time for me to own my weight problem. It is time to recognize that I am the sole cause of my weight issues.
I feel like I am in a transition period right now. This blog started as a way for me to document my gardening, photography and cooking but I feel at least one or more of those activities could be counterproductive to my weight loss goals. I only desire to cook things that are either high in carbohydrates or high in fat. For me to carry on and still work on my health, I would have to transition to somewhat a healthy cooking blog. As for gardening, it is getting in the way of my running (running is a big time suck); and getting in the way of my life in general. I am already way behind for the spring gardening. Photography on the other hand is easy to continue, as long as I make time to work on my skills (see running is a time suck). And then there are the reviews I do on Yelp – which center on eating. How do I continue that activity? Some priorities will be set. Some changes will be coming. The details of those changes are not even known to me at this time. I only have to say “Hold on tight and enjoy the ride.”

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