I beat my time!!!

Last Saturday I completed my first 5k on my own. No distractions so I was able to go at my own pace. I was hoping to at least match my best time on the treadmill which is 45 minutes so far. I wasn’t really timing myself except when they called out the times at each mile markers. During the race I kept repeating what my trainer had told me on Friday, “You need to work on your endurance”. I repeated this while pushing myself to run more and more. I sprinted at the end and discovered that I had not only met my 45 minute goal, I had actually beat it by 5 minutes. So happy!
I have been trying to get into running all the local races as a means to get constant exercise. Previously I attempted to keep in shape by playing team sports a couple times a week. I found that softball and volleyball were not giving me level of exercise that I need. Who knows if I will keep up with this running thing. For now, running races gives me weekly goals to work at. This upcoming Saturday, I will be running a 2 mile – time to start training 🙂

Note: This post was transferred from an old online journal but helps chronicle my fitness journey. 

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