Angkor Big Circuit: Pre Rup +

Pre Rup is the Hindu temple where I am supposed to watch the sunset today after my long day of temple sightseeing.

If you think it looks similar to a temple I already posted you are probably right. It looks similar to the East Mebon temple I just visited.

Tuk tuk waiting

Turns out it is very cloudy and I cut my visit short in favor of just going back to the hotel early. My driver is surprised to see me so quickly and starts taking me back toward my hotel; but instead he makes a detour for the famous Angkor Wat so I can watch sunset there instead.

The stop to Angkor Wat was not planned for today so it is a pleasant surprise.

At the entrance the original bridge is closed for repairs. I walk along a long bouncy water bridge to get to the site for pictures and a good view.

I didn’t explore too much this evening because the plan is to be back early tomorrow to see the sunrise.

It is very beautiful and impressive in the evening, can’t wait for what the morning holds.

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