Hoi An beach day

I want today to be a beach day. There are bikes I can borrow to ride to the private beach of the hotel but the ride looks long and the map is confusing. I am afraid of getting lost so I take the hotel shuttle van instead.

The shuttle drops me off at its private beach that is connected to a restaurant.

I am in the mood for a snack so I sit at the cafe with a drink and snacks and watch the ocean.

Very unhealthy lunch of cheese sticks and yam like fries.

I grab a beer can to go and wander down to the beach via a stairway that has a metal fish like structure at top.

I have my own towel so I just claim a lounge chair. There seems to be enough available. The beach is not crowded since the weather is iffy and it does seem to be off season. I tend to like the overcast days though. I get too much sun out sightseeing as it is.

It is mostly relaxing until a tour group of English speaking teenagers camp out close to me. They are loud and running around screaming. I decide to move a little further from them to get some peace.

I entertainment myself by watching dogs play on the beach.

In the distance is one of those ocean swings that Instagram influencers seem to love. It falls over with high tide and the resort staff have a heck of a time pulling it in.

It is almost time for my return van to show up. I pack up my things and wander down the road a bit while I am waiting. It looks like some places have storm damage from a past storm.

The vibe is very calm and peaceful. I wonder if it is different during season? Perhaps on another visit to Hoi An I stay near the beach instead for a change of pace?

I am back to my hotel to finish my evening on the other part of Hoi An.

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