What a difference a year makes

Amsterdam around this time last year.

On this day last year I started a long adventure around the world. It seemed sort of irresponsible at the time. I had just taken a buyout at work, my life was falling apart, and I had so many things to take care of. Instead I decide to go on this world-wide trip which ended up being about 7 months (My recent blog posts are documenting those travels).

Me with my whole life for seven months on my body

I returned back to the USA at the end of February of this year. I had wanted to travel some more but I had business to take care of. As luck would have it within weeks of me returning to the USA the world shut down.

One of my last days out traveling is watching futbol in Medellin

Since I’ve been back I’ve taken care of most of my tasks and I really am itching to get back out traveling before I try going back to work, but I see no end in sight to the travel ban, at least for travelers from the USA.

What if I was responsible and decided to delay my trip until I had my life in order?

The trip of my lifetime might have never happened!

Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai

I am so grateful for my timing and courage to do this thing even though common sense and society says contrary. Sometimes you gotta just trust your heart and everything will work out.

Meanwhile I am getting my health and life in order as much as I can so as soon as things open back up again I’ll be on the road or up in the sky…..see you out there soon!

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