Eating my way through Hue

It is my last day in Hue. Yesterday was busy so I take it easy today.

I return to Hahn restaurant since my last experience was so good.

Banh Beo chen

These are steamed rice cakes, about the size of a silver dollar, that come five to eight pieces to an order, topped with dried shrimp, pork cracklings, shallots and herbs and served with a dipping sauce, steamed and served in small ceramic saucers.

Banh Nam

Yet another delicious steamed rice savory cake, this time flat, with a mixture of fried ground shrimp, pork and scallions pressed into the surface before it’s wrapped in banana leaves then steamed. I guess this dish is kind of similar to the other dish I order.

Later I eat at my hotel Serene Palace Hotel . The hotel restaurant Serene Palace Restaurant isn’t bad. I got to try a couple more regional dishes.

Fried Spring Rolls

I believe these were made with glass noodles, vegetables and pork. Served on a fun pineapple.

Fried Spring Rolls

Lemongrass Chicken

Seasoned and breaded chicken cooked on a skewer made of lemongrass.

Lemongrass chicken

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