Bangkok Day 1

View from the Moon Bar Rooftop

My travels have me out of the country for many months. During that time I am due for a teeth cleaning. Some internet forums recommend Thailand as a safe and affordable country to get a cleaning while I am out traveling. I make sure to schedule a dental appointment for an office in Bangkok many months in advance.

My appointment is scheduled the first full day while I am in town. It isn’t hard to get to the office by the skytrain. The train is convenient and even air conditioned but it does not matter, I still sweat profusely every time I am on the train. Between walking up the stairs to the station and the humidity, I can not prevent the sweat.

When I arrive at the office, it is a fancy lobby with free water and WiFi. I fill out my medical and contact information via a PC in the lobby and it is soon time for my appointment.

The doctor is nice and speaks English very well (lucky for me). He notices the excessive wear on my teeth from night grinding (the last couple years have been pretty stressful in my personal life). He suggest an affordable custom made mouth guard that I can pick up in a few days. I decide to go ahead and do it.

Overall it was a pleasant dental experience. The cleaning used modern techniques and the mold done for the bite guard is quick. I only have to remember to wear this new appliance every night.

Moon Bar

Later that day I decide I am going to venture out and check out a rooftop bar that is recommended in online forums.

I take the sky train to the area close by the bar but it is still early. I decide to wander a bit before I go down to the hotel where the bar lives. I end up getting slightly lost by wandering down smaller side streets. It is through these streets that Bangkok comes alive. People go about their business and sell foods and goods right outside where they live. I saw quite a few of these communities in Bangkok.

I finally make it to the Banyan Tree Hotel that hosts the Moon Bar. It is pricey for Bangkok but has pretty views of the city. (Warning this bar has a dress code. It isn’t too strict but I remember that sandals are not allowed. I was allowed in my long shorts though but felt slightly under-dressed).

Electronic Menu
I’m here in time for happy hour
The air is certainly full of smog but it doesn’t block the views, it just makes them a little misty looking.
I order some bar snacks

Since it is fully night time I decide to order a grab taxi for the trip back. It might have been the slowest method back. I soon learn that Bangkok traffic is horrendous and a car is probably the slowest method of getting anywhere. If only I had the courage to order a grab bike!

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