Today is the day we visit the crown jewel of Jordan. We arrive at the archeological site of Petra. Most people can identify Petra with the treasury building (picture above) by Indiana Jones films but it is so much more.

Petra is a very important major regional trading hub built by the Nabataeans. Nabataean are an old nomadic group that benefited by building a well located trading town. Eventually sea trade routes opened and the use of the land routes declined thus leading to the decline of towns like these. Fortunately for us, these semi deserted towns have left a present day treat for explorers like us.

You can buy one day or multiple day passes. I highly recommend the multiple day pass. We spent two days here and could have spent more.

After coming in the main entrance we start walking down the road and come across some stone buildings on the way.

Soon we end up at the Siq, a long slot canyon formed by many years of water flow.

Our guide gives us some commentary then tells us to look up at some unremarkable thing up the wall then suddenly points in the other direction. He surprises us with the view of the Al Khazneh (The Treasury), the crown jewel. As we walk through the canyon we are rewarded with that view that you have seen many pictures of.

And here you have the treasury. You might notice the edges growing up the side that look like many little steps, it is thought that this is what was used to help carve the upper pieces somehow.

After admiring the treasury for a while we walked on and enjoyed some more that Petra has to offer.

The theatre
The Great Temple of Petra
The Great Temple of Petra
Royal Tombs

After we are done wandering around for the day we take the long walk back down to the siq to walk back to our hotel. It is an early start tomorrow to do the monastery hike and we want to be well rested.

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