Ephesus is an important Greek and then later Roman city. It was an active river city for commerce but over time diminished due to receding waters. It was also further destroyed by invaders and earthquakes.

I’ve been to Greece, I’ve been to Rome, and I have seen all kinds of ruins elsewhere but Ephesus is up there in impressiveness.

I ended up downloading Rick Steves Ephesus audio tour and I am glad I did because the labeling and descriptions weren’t the best.

I catch the minibus from bus station in Selcuk which is not far from my guesthouse. They drop you off the opposite way you logically want to go. Once I entered the gates I pushed through the crowds of tour groups to get to the start on the other side.

It is a hot and crowded day but I don’t let that get in the way of admiring this town.

Everything in Ephesus is impressive but my favorite is viewing the terrace houses which is a separate ticketed entrance.

Not only is it covered from the sun and less crowded but you can get an idea on how the people (rich) lived back in the days. For them to be so close to the commerce they were probably pretty wealthy.

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