During my visit to Turkey I wanted the chance to visit a couple different regions. After some research I decided on the beach town of Alaçatı.

Most trains are non-existent in Turkey so to get around you need a plane or car. In my case I flew from Istanbul to Izmir. From the Izmir airport there is a regional bus system called Havas to get you to nearby cities. The bus itself isn’t too bad but my problem is that it wasn’t clear where to catch the bus at the airport. I wasted about an hour trying to locate where to catch the bus. After following signs that said shuttle down to a sleepy lot I decided to go back up and look again for my bus after waiting 30 minutes or so with no sign of my bus. I finally see the signs for Havas. I am still not sure why I did not see them the first time.

I get on the bus to Cesme. It stops first in Alaçatı, my intended destination.

From research before hand, Alaçatı doesn’t look too large. Not knowing where the bus will drop me off I wing it. The bus “station” is about 1.5 miles from my hotel. It is hot and my bags are heavy but I decide to walk. I can’t justify such a short cab ride, besides I am not sure there is a cab around.

Front of my hotel

I make it to my hotel but it is before check in and my room is not yet ready. I drop off my bags and wander around.

This town reminds of a cross between Greece, south beach Miami and Southern Italy. It is very cute. During the day it has an island feel where you can shop the day away but at night the streets are packed and music is loud.

After a little while I am finally able to check into my hotel. My room is charming and named after an author.

After settling in I go out to the city to explore. During my stay I never made it to the beach and I didn’t do any sightseeing. This part of my traveling was all about traveling locally. I enjoyed my stay in Alaçatı but if I had companions I might have tried one of the nightclubs. I just am not the type to go clubbing alone.

But I did dine at some of the cute restaurants.

Local grilled cheese: A cross between halloumi and blue cheese

Vegetable plate
Cute restaurant at night

And I did wander and shop around town during the day.

This cat has an alcohol problem
Amazing hotel breakfast spread, every morning!

Caught live music one night

It was a slow pace and I liked it. Alacati town was well worth the visit.