I stayed in Gijón, Spain because of its proximity to small towns for day trips and it looked like a nice city to visit. I also wanted a location to see what the Asturias are all about. Every region of Spain has a different culture and I want to get to know them all.

I didn’t end up doing any day trips from Gijón (with the exception of the day I left) but it was a nice town to hang out and relax for a couple days. My visit was light to none on the sightseeing but I did wander around Gijón.

Nice beach city in the Bay of Biscay. Everyone was soaking up the sun.

One fun activity is watching these insane boys jump into the water. They kept jumping in and running back up to jump again.

A favorite is viewing the mother of immigrants (La madre del emigrante). Her sad and worried face will haunt you.

My only complaint about Gijón is that I couldn’t even sit down to eat dinner until earliest 8:30 PM. I am not a late night person. The kitchens close after lunch and do not open back up until 8:30-9:00PM. That has been one of the biggest challenges for me in Europe since I am such an early bird.

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