Times that could have ended badly part 1

After visiting the wonderful Guggenheim in Bilbao I decided to spend the afternoon up on Artxanda. They have a funicular to take you up. I have been using maps.me downloaded on my phone which has been mostly helpful but can only do so much when you start off walking in whatever direction you feel like it. I end up walking up this pedestrian walkway that no one else is using. After going uphill for a while I understand there is probably a reason no one is using it, because it is a stupid way to go (up and down stairs multiple times). Also, being up on a deserted walkway which could have been a terrible idea (for getting robbed, etc).

Didn’t get any pics of the murder walkway but if you go up this bridge away from Guggenheim and keep walking up and right.

At least I had this view.

My view while trying to find the funicular.

Finally found the funicular.

There is a line, it is a little confusing to see who is in line to buy tickets and who is waiting for the funicular because the line was blocking both. I pushed my way up to the ticket booth and then got to the back of the regular line.

The funicular arrives and people shove their way in. There is no crowd control so many of us are left on the platform when all the cars are jam packed. The tram sits there for many minutes. Eventually the driver from the train comes out to yell at us to move back behind the gate, but no one is moving back to make room for us. I guess we just shove people back?? It is a mess and people are irritated. Eventually we shoved our way behind the gate. I definitely “lost” my place in line but I decide to let it go. We are in close quarters waiting for like ever for the next train and the jerks next to me are watching a video on their phone very loudly right next to my ear (I actually keep my cool).

We can’t fit here

But finally we go up and get to see the great views from the top.

The top of the mountain has walking trails and places to picnic. I come unprepared for either of these activities so I don’t stay up the mountain long.

Bilbao funicular ride on the way down

Instead of going through that nonsense with the crowd and the funicular I decide to walk back down to the city proper.

No one else walked down. I once again walk on a deserted walkway.

This map is not helpful.

This sign doesn’t even have where I want to go on it. No help either.

At least I can see the city. I’ll just keep going down in the general direction I want to go (still alone).

Then I end up taking these steep stairs through a neighborhood.

I see the funicular so I am close to the station. I soon find my way down and see people again.

I am safe, it is daytime, but I really need to stop taking these secluded urban hikes. Not such a great idea when you don’t know a city well.