Eating healthy on the road

“Vegetable” side from the other night. Ended up being mostly mushrooms and onions.

I love food (and wine). I like to try new types of food and eat old comforts. I am most certainly going to try any local dish in a city I am in. BUT my body cannot sustain that kind of eating for long periods of time. I am finding myself seeking out ways to eat healthier more and more (It is always so easy to eat unhealthy).

For example, when I have a hotel with free breakfast included I load up on the fruit (and vegetables if they sometimes have them), or I seek out a big ole Salad, or I order the grilled vegetable side dish if they happen to actually have one on the menu. I am now staying in a vacation rental where I stocked it with fruits and yogurts for breakfast (If I eat one more croissant in the morning I think I will scream).

Let me be clear I am not dieting while I am traveling – that would be a disaster because I would be miserably looking at all the good food all the time.

I am just conscious of what my body needs; something that maybe comes with being an older traveler.

I can go longer if I occasionally give it the fuel it needs. And I want to keep going as long as I can.

I should have put more fruit and less cheese on this plate but it was my first day in Gijon and I wanted to try all the cheeses that morning.

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