Dam day two

On day two in Amsterdam I had a very nice breakfast on my boat where I got to chat with both my Airbnb hosts.

It was time to head off early for the free walking tour I booked Free Dam Tours. It was an informative introduction to the city and worth the 20 Euros (Free but it is customary to tip).

After the tour I was starving so I decided it was time to try a pancake for lunch. Of course I had to do a savory one because I am weird like that and rarely get sweet cravings.

Next up is Pozenboot.

I arrive at Poezenboot at 1:30 PM and it was good thing I didn’t arrive any later since they just about distributed all the visitation tickets for the day. Poezenboot is only open 13:00-15:00 PM and only on certain days. Visits are first come first served and limited in size. Luckily I got in.
What we have is a cat rescue and sanctuary on a boat house in the Amsterdam canals. It is kitschy and fun. It was a good visit but most of the kitties were sleeping.

After kitty town it is time for the long walk to Moco where I can see artists such as Banksy, Kusama and also below.

Keith Haring

Daniel Arsham

Finally I decided to wander through Vondelpark before going back. It is a pretty park.

It was a long walk back. Phone is dead luckily I made it to the circular road that directs me to my airbnb. It is still about a mile away but luckily it is straight shot- no more veering off in the wrong direction by following the canals.

Poor feet so beat up. I have the best sleep I have had in a long while.

2 thoughts on “Dam day two

  1. Sounds like you had having a wonderful start to your trip.
    These write ups will be also enjoyed by you in future years.

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