My bag is stuffed

I am in the home stretch in planning for my trip. I am leaving soon. I am leaving so soon that I am embarrassingly not really ready to leave yet. I guess all backpackers say that but it is true.

I mostly finalized my packing list this week and attempted my first packing. It was as expected. I have some major reductions to do. I still have so many things to fit in my already overstuffed bag and this is even after I eliminated a pair of pants, pair of shorts, and an undershirt.

All this stuff still needs to fit in here.

I could have gone easier on myself and bought a newer, better, and bigger backpack as I originally planned. However my Kelty that I bought in 2004 is of extremely good quality and I could not justify the upgrade.

So here I am, trying to decide if I can live off of 3 pairs of shorts and 2 pairs of pants for months on end. Thank goodness I have a number of shirts I can still toss.

The big pile of drugs I am bringing? They are staying for now.

Wish me luck.

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