Peru 2018! Cusco

My time in Cusco was short. We had one day of sight seeing before we went off to the Sacred Valley. I did return to Cusco after my inca trail hike (more later) but I was too sick to complete my sightseeing. Again, Cusco is another town I must visit once more. There were so many things I missed. I did enjoy my one long day there.

We started with a little walking tour and stop for a local snack.

Aji de Gallina Empanadas (Chicken)

We visited the narrow streets, some with example of Inca masonry. We were told how advanced the methods were for their time, made to withstand earthquakes. Also pointed out were the animal patterns hidden in the brick layout.

We visited a food market. You can tell from my past posts that I was in heaven. I was able to buy some dried fruit snacks for my upcoming hike but I really wish I had time to purchase more food stuff to take home.

Cusco is a beautiful city.

One of the more “touristy” things we did was visit a chocolate place. We made our own hot chocolate.

Half our tour group snuck in a dinner at a local restaurant. I tried alpaca meat and decided I wasn’t a fan.

 Alpaca brichera 

It was a nice dinner but it made us late for our Inca trail preparation meeting. The meeting is where I got this map, and questioned what I was getting myself into.

Some from the tour went out that night. I was exhausted and retired early. I wanted to save all I had for the Inca trail – I had a feeling I was going to need all the energy I could save up!

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